Lacking motavation to workout?-this is a must read

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Hey guys/gals have you all ever felt down,or immediately started lacking energy when someone brought up working out? I’ll  have to tell that i have, and for awhile i was working out at all , i was dieting bad, and getting poor amount of sleep.

Then one day i woke up and decided to make a change about and with this article im going to tell you how you can do the same thing.

What to do when you start to lose motivation

Guys im going to tell you losing motivation towards a goal you have been working on sucks. I know whenever i start losing motivation towards a goal not even weight lose but other goals in life my whole mood goes down and it feels depressing.

It especially sucked when i would see know progress towards that goal no matter how many hours i was putting in to it and no matter what i did it just seemed like nothing was working for me and felt like i was stuck in mud.

but one day i woke up and look at myself in the mirror and told myself that “even though it seems like i’m not making any progress now im getting better day by day and progress is a slow process that im just gonna have to face”.

For me this was the first step into helping myself get out of the funk that i was in ,and if you ever start to lose motivation i want you to tell yourself that “progress is just a slow process and im getting better day by day”. I promise that this will work.

Are you eating the right foods?

when it comes to working out and getting motivation to do it one of the most essential part is your lifestyle diet. What do i mean when i say proper dieting is important for working out?

When you eat junk food your brain response to the junk food being pleasurable. Not only that but it would be harder for the brain to gets proper nutrition because a lot of junk food has saturated fats and sugars which the brain doesnt need.

When your brain isnt getting then proper nutritions is harder for it to release dopamine to help you get motivated to do difficult task. Your brain is like a car and in that sense your going to need to give it premium fuel for it to be able to function as good as its able to.

Tips on how to keep yourself motivated when working out

Here are a few tips and tricks i’ve learned from over the years from working out and from what works for me:

  • Set achievable goals for yourself, work to achieve them, and enjoy that achievement
  • Having a gym buddy is also a plus esp. when you dont feel like being alone or having someone else to talk to
  • something else i like to do if im not feeling really motivated on a certain day (and if i dont have a cheat day that week) ill go get me a little snack as a reward for going that day.
  • remembering how i felt the last time after  i had worked out.when you work out your brain releases dopamine to naturally help keep you motivated to go back.

How to prevent losing motivation 

there are a lot of different ways to prevent losing motivation and the best way that like to use is the “Jerry Seinfeld Method”.  The Seinfeld method is when is you get a calendar on your phone or from the store and you set yourself a goal.

Lets say i want to get stronger and set a time period for me to do so. Then i need to go to the gym every single day. You dont have to constantly left the same weights you could switch it up but the only thing you can not do is break the chain.

You begin that chain by making that first step until once you reach the end of the time that you set for yourself. This not only helps me to get motivation to go work out but also helps me in everyday life and helps get rid of my procrastination by just doing the task.

I hope this article helps you all achieve your goal let me know in the comment down below⇓