Accupressure mat- Best for comfort and relief


Hey guys/gals i wanted to talk about a great investment i made  awhile back ago thats still helping me till this day with Acupressure mats.


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What are Acupressure mats and what are they used for?

An Acupressure mat is a foam mattress covered in cotton and has these small little circular spiky disc shape objects(i know it sounds really painful but its not lol).

Now when you get (or use ) one don’t try to step on it like its a yoga mat an do poses on these little spikes of pains or it’ll remind of that time you were at your friends house and there child left their Legos out.

The proper way to use one of these amazing little mats is to first lay it down on a flat surface, then to slowly put your back on it and if its your first time i personally recommend using it with your shirt on just because it helps alleviate some of the pressure that the spikes put on the back (but if you feel like you can handle the spikes bare then the decision is up to you), and also try to only do this for 15 minutes for the first time.

         Acupressure mats are mainly used for back pain,and muscle aches,  but also leave someone feelings peaceful. Once the initial pain is over it is really comfortable to lay on and i find it enjoyable to lay and scroll on Instagram etc…Image result for red acupressure mat

Does it really work?

The answer to this question in my experience is yes it does work! I remember when i use to work at a warehouse job and i would pull in 30/40 hour weeks constantly bending over and squatting down to pick up boxes.

Then finally it started taking a toll on my lower back and i started looking around to see if anything would help and i came across the acupressure made.

At first when i would put it on it would hurt and feel like my back was on fire but then after like a minute or two or so it would go away and would leave me with a feeling of peace. After getting off it my back pain started to go away and i think it only took me about a week.

Benefits from having the acupressure mat

the benefits of having an acupressure from what i have notice are:

  • Increase energy level
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Helps with headache
  • Relieve tension and muscle aches
  • Improve sleep and helps insomnia
  • Relieves constant neck and back pain

Is it worth the money?

Is the acupressure even worth the money? is it actually going to work? From my personal experience with using one for over a year ill have to say yes. Guys this is a great product that has awesome benefits that actually work and not even that its only 20 dollars!

Trust me guys you will be giving making a great choice getting one of these bad boys especially when its those days that you can barely feel like you can get up or when your backs just hurting to much.

I’m going to leave a link down below and when you feel like making the right choice and getting one click on it and choice which color you would like and enjoy years of comfort and relief.

Amazon link for acupressure mat :

2 thoughts on “Accupressure mat- Best for comfort and relief”

  1. Donald says:

    Thanks for the review on this. Actually i didn’t know there was something like this. I have lower back problems myself. always trying to find that right sizes ball or folding pillows up to lay on. I actually purchased a product that you hang from door frame. it helps alittle but it can get uncomfortable at times.

  2. admin says:

    No problem Donald! and yes its amazing for lower back pain the was one of the reason why i got it.
    if your looking to get one yourself please go ahead and click on the link below the article and it will take you amazon where you can get one for only 20 dollars!

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