Foam rollers- The best thing for recovery


Whats a foam roller and where did these weird looking things come from? Hey guys have you ever been really really sore after a good workout? or your trying to find that perfect stretch for the muscle? Well i’m telling you right now your in need for a foam roller. I have been using one for the past […]

how to live more of a stress free life

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Hey guys its Tyler here and i wanted to ask you question:  How many times a week are you stressed out? Is it one ,two, ten times in a single week? Do you know how to properly manage your stress in a positive and productive way? Are bills pilling up, Late for school/work everyday, Living […]

Nootropics- smart pills?

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What are Nootropics? You know there has been a growing trend lately where people try to get and edge in the ever growing job market and at school an universities: “Nootropics”. If you dont know what Nootropics are they are substances they help in cognitive function i.e they help you use your brain better. Where […]

How to fix low testosterone

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Have you ever wondered what you could do to naturally increase your testosterone without taking steroids? I will explain all the key benefits and how twos down below⇓   What can you do today to increase testosterone today? Their are many important key features that go into increasing your T-levels and i am going to […]

Lacking motavation to workout?-this is a must read

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Hey guys/gals have you all ever felt down,or immediately started lacking energy when someone brought up working out? I’ll  have to tell that i have, and for awhile i was working out at all , i was dieting bad, and getting poor amount of sleep. Then one day i woke up and decided to make […]

What supplements do i take?


This is another question i have been asked a lot also in the recent years and also will be discussing in this article. By the way if you would like to know which Supplements would be right for you click the link down below ⇓ Why do i take supplements? Supplements are an aid to […]

Supplements- Good or Bad?


  Hey dudes/dudettes i wanted to talk to you all about a topic thats been on my mind for awhile “supplements” and just share with you all about the information that i have gain through out the years of using them on and off.  What exactly are supplements? This is a question that i get asked […]

Accupressure mat- Best for comfort and relief


Hey guys/gals i wanted to talk about a great investment i made  awhile back ago thats still helping me till this day with Acupressure mats.   What are Acupressure mats and what are they used for? An Acupressure mat is a foam mattress covered in cotton and has these small little circular spiky disc shape objects(i […]